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More Important Issues

Voting Rights, Campaign Finance Reform, Transparency

Land Use

and More

Voting Rights

Voting is a fundamental right; we must fight all attempts to restrict access to those legally eligible. Historically, access to voting was used to disenfranchise potential voters through measures such as poll taxes and other forms of intimidation.  Only three years ago, Virginia was one of the worst states for voting. However, that changed in 2020 when the General Assembly reduced barriers to voter access, including previous voter ID requirements, excuses needed to vote early, and more. I saw the impact of these Jim Crow-inspired voting laws when I served as an Election Protection Attorney inside local polling places where I heard complaints from would-be voters who were often young and/or people of color.


We cannot go back.


I will strongly oppose any attempts to suppress voting, including the Youngkin Administration’s withdrawal from ERIC, ending the restoration of voting rights to those who have completed their sentences, and changes to college student residency. I support the effective implementation of automatic voter registration, early voting, and election day holidays.

Land Use

As a former Certified Planning Commissioner, I am deeply concerned about Governor Youngkin’s proposed attempts to eliminate or severely restrict a locality’s ability to build communities. In my view, citizen participation is critical in the land use process to achieve healthy community development.

It’s important to develop strategies that recognize the need to write state policies that allow localities to establish housing options that serve a diverse sector of our community.  These options should recognize community needs and provide an inclusive approach to comprehensive community care, including access to transportation and safe roads, health services, affordable housing, and a thriving business community within walkable communities.

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