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As a twice-elected school board member, former Fairfax County Planning Commissioner, and practicing attorney representing all children's best interests, Karen knows pressing federal, state, and local issues. With her experience battling Governor Youngkin, she will hit the ground running on Day One. 


Karen wants to hear from voters about the concerns that impact District 7 families and welcomes ideas for change. Karen will fight for our progressive values in Richmond. 

Technology Class

Public Education

Provide equal access to world-class public education, including universal Pre-K. Raise teacher pay.


Public Safety

Ban assault weapons, enact commonsense gun safety laws, and reform the criminal justice system. 

Statue of Justice on Desk

Civil Rights/Worker Rights

Protect workers and the civil rights of all persons to create a welcoming and inclusive Virginia.

Indian Woman

Access to Health Care

Codify women's reproductive rights and ensure access to health care.

Solar Panels

Environment/Climate Change

Build a new Green Economy and create clean energy jobs.

Apartment Building

Housing & Community Care

Fund affordable housing and community care programs.

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Additional Important Issues

Voting Rights (see also Civil Rights)

Land Use and More . . . 

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