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Women Who Run

Access to Health Care

Codify women's reproductive rights and ensure access to health care for all.

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Access to health care for all is a fundamental human right.


As Delegate and an attorney who advocates for the best interests of children and vulnerable adults, I will be a leader in expanding access to health care for all and improving public health. I will stand up to anyone who wants to make our healthcare more expensive and less accessible.

My initial priorities include these efforts:

  • Codify Roe v. WadeI am 100% pro-choice and a long-time monthly donor to Planned Parenthood.

  • Authorize a study on infant mortality and maternal health disparities among Virginia residents and provide legislation to address disparities in care.  

  • Secure funding to improve women’s and infant health through educational efforts.

  • Ensure access to prenatal care is understood and accessible to women of all income levels to reduce the infant mortality rate.

  • Address sexual violence: update laws to address cyberbullying and revenge porn as potential forms of sexual assault.

See Civil Rights/Worker Rights Issues

As your Delegate for HD-7, I will seek input from constituents on ways to improve the laws and lives of Virginians. Please get in touch with me to share your ideas or concerns.

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