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Environment Class

Environment/Climate Change

Build a new Green Economy and create clean energy jobs.

 Read more about Karen's support for pro-environment policies as a school board member. 

We all need clean air, water, and land and it is best to develop a thriving clean energy-based economy. This should include large investments in job training programs for renewables, building and energy-efficient, smart grid residential, and commercial energy efficiency. Additionally, we should prioritize equitable, affordable, and clean housing and transportation systems and a plan to achieve net zero through targeted goals.

I support efforts to enact state policy to address climate change, including the Virginia Clean Economy Act provisions. I believe we need a just and equitable renewable plan that leaves no workers or communities behind.


I support a multi-pronged approach to achieving our environmental goals. Here are some of my initial priorities:


  • Legislation and mechanisms to encourage and acknowledge businesses that make progress. This information would be available to the public and serve as an incentive to patronize environmentally friendly businesses. 

  • Encourage environmentally friendly practices within public buildings, including:
    • School Composting programs to lower greenhouse gases by improving carbon sequestration in the soil.  Encourage school systems to participate in this environmental responsibility effort, reducing costs in trash removal while allowing students to learn about the process of combatting climate change as part of the science curriculum.

    • Encourage the use of solar panels on public buildings to reduce costs.

    • Establish statewide availability of charging stations.

    • Support dual enrollment and work-based learning opportunities focused on careers related to environmental sustainability.

  • Provide incentives for capital investments in the development of pedestrian and bike routes.

  • Provide incentives to companies supporting the transition to electric buses and other forms of shared transportation.

  • Support efforts and education for residents and businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and operational demand for energy through efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy.

  • Increase incentives focused on small businesses that provide training for careers related to environmental sustainability.

As your Delegate for HD-7, I will seek input from constituents on ways to improve the laws and lives of Virginians. Please contact me to share your ideas or concerns.

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