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Public Safety

Gun Safety Measures

Legislators have a responsibility to protect residents' health, safety, and welfare. I believe the historical and accurate interpretation of the 2nd amendment (as opposed to the NRA’s recent propaganda) sanctions laws that protect citizens from weapons of mass destruction and other safety measures to minimize the harm that can be caused by irresponsible gun ownership. 

The ideological debate over gun ownership should not hinder that responsibility.  Moreover, the right of every resident to feel safe in their home and community far outweighs protecting gun owners when one reasonably anticipates that such ownership will harm fellow human beings.

With every right comes a responsibility, and for too long, gun manufacturers and lobbyists have claimed a “right” to own a gun was unfettered, even at the cost of innocent human life.  As a policy matter, this view disregards the principles of leadership and responsibility.  Moreover, the harm, trauma, and loss of life that comes too often due to reckless views regarding gun ownership do not reflect the views of most residents, who rightfully believe that the priority of a community is rooted in the need for a safe and healthy community. 


I strongly support the commonsense gun safety measures enacted in 2020/2021 by the Democratic General Assembly and Governor Northam.  I will be part of the brick wall preserving these important safeguards. In addition, I strongly support the following measures that have not yet been enacted in Virginia:


  • Ban Assault weapons.

  • Prohibit high-capacity magazines.

  • Enact consumer safety laws, including childproofing.

  • Develop Stalker Prohibition laws.

  • Enact microstamping on all new guns.

  • Prevent straw purchases of guns.

  • Ban Ghost Guns

  • Ban 3d-Printed Guns

Criminal Justice Reform


We must address disparities in criminal justice reform for juveniles and adults. We must ensure that our justice system considers mental health concerns, differing abilities, neurodiversity, and similar issues to avoid over-criminalizing any particular community.


I would support a diversion program that allows human trafficking victims to receive needed services rather than face criminal charges. Overall, I would work to improve procedures that seek to protect public confidence in the judicial system and prevent disparities in the implementation of the Virginia Code.

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