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Delegate Ken Plum

House of Delegates

                 Listen to Ken Plum endorse Karen Keys-Gamarra! 



Text of Delegate Plum's May 12, 2023 email. Read his original email here.

I am voting for Karen Keys-Gamarra in the Democratic primary for member of the House of Delegates from the 7th District.


Over the past several decades I have published and made available to voters in the district a voter guide stating the persons for whom I intended to vote. Each election cycle numerous voters asked when my voter guide would be available as they used it to determine how to vote. Not surprisingly, over the past months voters have asked me how I plan to vote in the primary.


I plan to vote in the Democratic primary election on June 20 for Karen Keys-Gamarra. She reflects the progressive Democratic values I have always represented and has the depth of experience in public service that will enable her to go to work immediately. Get to know her better on her website at




The outcome of the election is critically important as the winner of the primary is likely to win the General Election. The Republican Governor will be in office for two more years, and Republicans are working hard to keep a majority in the House of Delegates and gain a majority in the Senate. We need members of the General Assembly who have experience to stand up to him and the Republicans in the legislature on women and LGBTQ+ rights, investing in our schools, protecting our environment, passing common sense laws to end gun violence, protecting voting rights for all persons, and others.


Please join me in voting for Karen Keys-Gamarra. She has the right values and real experience to hit the ground running.




Early voting is already underway. Primary election day is June 20. More information on voting can be found at


Thank you for the support you have given me over the years.




(703) 758-9733 • EMAIL: • WEBSITE: 

Authorized by Kenneth R. Plum. Paid for by Friends of Delegate Ken Plum 

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